Никто не узнает (2022)

Nobody Will Know

TV Series - 1 season - 8 episodes
Original title: «Никто не узнает»
Director: Alena Zvantsova
Russia, 2022
Duration: 52 min

Selected Tracks

All music performed, recorded and mixed by Roman Dormidoshin.


Eight friends, they are already under forty, but in many ways they are still like children: in their free time from their successful careers they drive football, go to the cinema with a big company, live for their own pleasure. But when Igor's heart fails, and he loses consciousness right on the street, he decides to "give" the child to his wife at all costs. There is only one catch: Igor cannot have children. However, a successful official will find a way to cope with this annoying misunderstanding, because he can cope with everything except his own feelings...

Cast & Crew

Alena Zvantsova
Evgeniya Brik
Kirill Safonov
Victoria Isakova
Yuri Bykov
Yana Sexte
Alexander Robak
Oleg Yagodin
Hope Markina
Arina Altynova
Kirill Komarov
Valery Todorovsky
Maxim Koroptsov
Anastasia Biryukova
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