Intelligence Chief (2022)

Intelligence Chief

TV Series - 1 season - 8 episodes
Original title: «Начальник разведки»
Drama Historical Biography Detective
Director: Kirill Belevich
Russia, 2022
Duration: 52 min

Selected Tracks

All music performed, recorded and mixed by Roman Dormidoshin.



The true history of Soviet intelligence. The true story of the formation of Soviet intelligence, told through the fate of its youngest head - 31-year-old Pavel Fitin, a man who, in the shortest possible time, in spite of everything and everything, revived it from the ashes of repression and made it one of the strongest special services in the world.

Cast & Crew

Kirill Belevich
Sergey Marin
Igor Petrenko
Ivan Dobronravov
Ekaterina Vilkova
Artyom Tkachenko
Egor Beroev
Ekaterina Volkova
Ivan Stebunov
Nikolai Ivanov
Vitaly Kishchenko
Artyom Chashchikhin-Toidze
Igor Ter-Karapetov
Alexander Shcherbakov
Alexey Kolmogorov
TOCHKA Film Company