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The Last Experiment

Documentary Background Music

In this instrumental composition you can hear an aching tension, expectation of new discoveries, the secret of knowledge. The pulsating rhythm will work well with long videos. Here, classic instruments are combined with modern synth sounds. This piece is perfect for science films, documentaries, and more. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

Morning in Love

Warm summer morning… A light breeze gently sways the transparent curtains. The window is open. She wakes up and smiles tenderly. Love envelops everything around…

This romantic piece for solo piano is filled with love and tenderness, light sadness and blissful tranquility. Transparent texture, calm tempo and warm matte timbre are characteristics of this composition. This intimate music can perfectly suit any video in which there is love, beautiful nature, tender feelings, female and child images. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

Long Separation

Romantic Background Music

This instrumental piece is very emotional and frank. It contains both light sadness and nostalgia. You can also hear notes of calmness and humility in it. In the beginning, a detuned piano is used. The main solo instrument is the cello. The instrumentation of this composition also includes a string orchestra, a grand piano, and a female voice. This track is perfect for videos with emotional scenes, love stories, as well as for beautiful nature footage. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

The Birth of a Dictator

Comedy Background Music

In this piece of music, comicism is combined with seriousness, grotesque with eccentricity. The music is full of small picturesque details, nuances and accents that always work very well in comedy videos. This instrumental track suits perfectly to comedy and humorous video, short films or funny animations, and many more funny projects! This is a playful and comical music featuring chamber ensemble, acoustic guitar, accordion and theremin. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

City Lights

Cinematic Background Music

City Lights is an energetic music composition with aggressive rhythms of modern metropolis life. Lyrical episodes create additional sonic contrast. It uses synthesizers, electronic drums, powerful orchestral percussion, piano, strings. Great for action scenes, pursuit, documentaries and for scenes depicting the crazy rhythm of the big city life. It can be used especially in night scenes with accelerated motion. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!


Romantic Background Music

Gallery is a quiet and peaceful music that will give a beautiful color to your product. Contemplative in nature, calm and hasteless in tempo, with gentle piano sounds combined with the mystical magical timbres of synthesizers, string orchestra, and glass harmonica. This piece would be perfect for art gallery scenes, photo galleries, space views, and at dawn or at sunset. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!


Dramatic Background Music

Motion is a disturbing and at the same time lyrical composition featuring pulsating synths, piano, strings, and electronic percussion. The dynamic range of this composition extends from quiet and soft to epic and powerful sound. Cinematic and emotional, this background piece is a perfect soundtrack for documentary projects, film, trailers, time lapse, and any project needing dramatic, modern music. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

Radio Beacon

Sci-Fi Background Music

Radio Beacon is a dreamy instrumental composition which may be useful in popular scientific and documentary films about space exploration, geographical discoveries, any scientific research. It is also great for sci-fi and fantasy projects.

The main timbre of this piece is a radio signal emitted by the imaginary beacon directed into outer space with the hope of contacting extraterrestrial civilizations. Also present in this piece are synthesizers, string orchestra, piano, bass guitar, electronic drums, glass harmonica, and even clock.

There are quiet and loud parts, with drums and without drums. At the end you can hear the triumphant finale with the sound of the organ.

Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

Parisian Night

Chillout Background Music

Paris is truly the city of lights and it comes alive at night with a new energy.

This music composition is written in the romantic style. It is based on the easy rhythm of electronic drums. The piano which performs the melody plays the main role in it. Warm vibrating electric piano, bass guitar and strings accompany it. Synthesizer, performing pulsating chords, complements the feeling of the atmosphere of the modern city – the eternal and majestic, life that does not stop not for a second. Lyrical intonation of electric guitar gives personal intimate relations to the ancient city.

Parisian Night is perfect for scenes showing the greatness and beauty of modern city, nature video, family footage, or anything that has to do with love and romance, and so on. This soundtrack is also perfect for your corporate projects and presentations. Especially it may be well used in night scenes, I think.

This composition is very well fit to any cutting and montage. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

Chinese Garden

Ambient Background Music

Calm and soft traditional Chinese background music. Erhu (two-stringed bowed musical instrument), Yangqin (hammered dulcimer) and Xiao (vertical bamboo flute) make up the main ensemble of this piece of music.The florid and intertwining melodies of the three solo instruments take us to the magical world of Chinese culture. Created for historical or religious projects, documentaries, videos about asian culture or nature, travel and vacation videos, and many more. Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!

A Snowy Christmas

Romantic Background Music

This romantic orchestral piece carries with it the feeling of Christmas coming. It has joy and sadness, peace and tranquility, belief in miracles and magic.

One of the main features of this piece is its lively tempo. The metronome is not used here.

The instrumental palette consists of a string orchestra, grand piano, choir, bass guitar, synthesizer, glockenspiel and bells.

This music can go well with a New Year’s video or slideshow, religious projects and for many others.

Pleasant listening and good luck with your projects!