The Mine (2013)

The Mine

Full length feature film
Original title: «Шахта»
Drama Melodrama
Director: Nurbek Egen
Russia, 2013
Duration: 83 min


Town in the North of Russia. There is almost no summer here, and the inhabitants have been obsessed with the dream since birth - to leave the mining town. Ten-year-old Sanya and his friends are no exception. Sanya is learning English, thinking of escaping to the United States, where Sanya's father, a former miner, rescuer, and now a professional boxer, Kostya King, has gone. The son dreams that dad will return from America and take him away...

Cast & Crew

Nurbek Egen
Vitaly Kishchenko
Nikita Osadchy
Sergey Shnurov
Victoria Romanenko
Sergey Pokhodaev
Alexander Polyakov
Artyom Osipov
Alexander Ermakov
Anatoly Uzdensky
Hope Markina
Александр Литвинов
Alexander Litvinov
MOSFILM Cinema Concern
Production company of Alexander Litvinov
Продюсерская компания Александра Литвинова