Oh Frost, Frost!

Full length feature film - 2 episodes
Original title: «Ой, мороз, мороз!»
Director: Nikolai Shcherbakov
Russia, 2005
Duration: 95 min


Sometimes, in order to correct your destiny, it is useful to play the role of another person. The life of the hero of this adult fairy tale really came to a standstill. He is a former special forces officer serving time on false charges. For several years in a row, on New Year's Eve, he flees from the colony to take revenge ... However, fate has its own plans, and this time everything will be completely different. The role of Santa Claus, which by chance the hero will have to play, will allow him to look at himself from the outside, teach him to give joy to others, and return good luck and happiness to his own life.

Cast & Crew

Nikolai Shcherbakov
Vladimir Epifantsev
Stasya Zadorozhnaya
Irina Shipova
Poman Madyanov
Viktor Proskurin
Valery Garkalin
Boris Klyuev
Paisa Ryazanova
Alexander Zuev
Oleg Moiseenkov
UTES Producer Center