MiniMax (2020)


Full length feature film
Original title: «МиниМакс»
Comedy Fantasy
Director: Renat Davletyarov
Russia, 2020
Duration: 81 min


A young and incredibly talented scientist Maxim Minaev, who is on the verge of a grandiose discovery that promises him a Nobel Prize. In pursuit of fame and reward, Maxim conducts a risky experiment on himself and shrinks to the size of an ordinary test tube. Finding himself in a difficult situation, the main character realizes that he was left alone with his problems - his girlfriend left him, and his best friend turned out to be a traitor. Only a 12-year-old boy, confined to a wheelchair, agrees to help the hero.

Cast & Crew

Renat Davletyarov
Pyotr Fedorov
Zhenya Malakhova
Irina Rozanova
Yuri Stoyanov
Artyom Fadeev
Mark Bogatyrev
Jan Tsapnik
Irina Medvedeva
Platon Kamenev
Ivan Tityaev
Grigory Podzemlny
Maxim Potashnikov
Ekaterina Ryzhaya
Oleg Izvekov
Mikhail Kolodyazhny
Real Dakota