Фарт (2005)

The Luck

Full length feature film
Original title: «Фарт»
Director: Roman Khrushch
Russia, 2005
Duration: 97 min

Selected Tracks

All music performed, recorded and mixed by Roman Dormidoshin.



To fulfill his cherished dream, retired officer Peter needs a large sum, and he knows where to get it - where there are gold mines and the pursuit of ever-elusive luck ... He comes to the taiga, not really hoping for anything and sincerely believing himself loser. But fate has its own views on this man: she throws him luck ... And now the helicopter should take him and his neighbors - artel workers to the mainland, but on the night before the flight, bandits attack the artel, which was on a spree in honor of the end of the season. Retreating, they take hostage the daughter of the chairman of the artel. The seriously injured chairman asks Peter to save the girl. Peter has no choice but to rush in pursuit through the wild impenetrable taiga... And this is just the beginning. The story itself, full of chases and adventures, is yet to come.

Cast & Crew

Roman Khrushch
Evgeny Tsyganov
Yana Esipovich
Sergey Tsepov
Sergey Stupnikov
Vadim Alexandrov
Alexander Golubev
Boris Kamorzin
Oleg Zhukov
Petr Zaichenko
Fedor Popov
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