The Hunt for the Princess

Full length feature film
Original title: «Охота на принцессу»
Drama Historical
Director: Svetlana Druzhinina
Russia, 2011
Duration: 90 min

Selected Tracks

The eighth film from the «Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Russia, 18th Century…» TV Series
The film’s working title – “Two Knights, or The Hunt for the Princess”

Continuation of the large film project “Secrets of palace revolutions. Russia, XVIII century…”. In 1725, with the death of the great Peter, due to the lack of a law on succession to the throne, troubled times begin. It was this period that interested us. Oddly enough, one after another, women entered the Russian throne, completely unprepared for this. In place of the emperor, there were empresses, and then adventurers of all stripes and nationalities reached out to the Russian throne. After all, it was so easy to enter their boudoir in dusty boots, and leave from there in shoes with diamond buckles. What happened – either the will of God, or female intuition helped, but not one of them, despite their unpreparedness, did not allow all these adventurers to solve state problems. One way or another, perhaps clumsily, slowly, but they made decisions in favor of the Russian state.


The Russian Empress, the childless widow Anna Ioannovna, proclaims the Manifesto, according to which the Russian throne after her death is inherited by the one who will be born by her only, native niece Anna Leopoldovna of Mecklenburgskaya ...

In the throne room, she represents a blond girl, taken aback by the aristocrat, to whom the generals, the clergy, and noble nobles swear allegiance.

A few years later, the princess comes of age. In honor of this significant event, a masquerade ball was organized. And Anna becomes the most enviable bride in Europe, because. the father of her child becomes the ruler of Russia. The princess has a fiancé, the Austrian prince Anton. This marriage can strengthen Russia's friendship with Austria and help in the fight against Turkey. It was at this moment that Prince Anton, under the leadership of the Russian Field Marshal Munnich, was fighting in the Crimea. To strengthen this political alliance, on behalf of Princess Annushka, he regularly sends him love letters with the field marshal.

But the Polish-Saxon envoy, handsome and heartthrob Linar wins the heart of the young princess Anna Leopoldovna. Upon learning of this, the Empress urgently summons Prince Anton to St. Petersburg in order to bring the time of the wedding closer. But Anna is ready to give up the Russian throne, up to the point of escaping from Russia with Linar. Secret informants report this to the Empress. She immediately sends Linar out of Russia under a plausible pretext.

Cast & Crew

Svetlana Druzhinina
Snezhana Polezhaeva
Vasily Brykov
Alexander Domogarov
Alexander Domogarov (junior)
Natalia Egorova
Vladimir Ilyin
Lola Kochetkova
Ekaterina Nikitina
Maxim Shchegolev
Alexander Lazarev (junior)
Svetlana Druzhinina
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